Personal Fall Protection Equipment Use and Selection Guide
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Personal Fall Protection Equipment Use and Selection Guide

A comprehensive fall protection program prevents injuries, saves lives and makes good business sense.

In almost every industry, there are areas where workers are subjected to fall hazards. The 635 fatal falls in 2010 resulted in billions of dollars in workers-compensation costs. According to Liberty Mutual, the leading private provider of workers’ compensation insurance in the United States, on-the-job injuries cost employers nearly $1 billion per week in payments to injured employees and their medical providers.

Developing and implementing comprehensive fall protection programs in the workplace can prevent many of these injuries and fatalities.

The International Safety Equipment Association has prepared this use and selection guide to provide practical, hands-on guidance for fall protection users and administrators in their selection, use, maintenance and inspection of fall protection equipment. Information in this guide is based on OSHA regulations and ANSI standards pertaining to fall protection, and was provided by members of the ISEA Fall Protection Group.

The guide is available online as a pdf file on ISEA’s Web site, It may be accessed online, or downloaded without charge. The guide will be updated periodically, and the effective date will be shown on this page. If you download the guide, check back periodically to ensure you have the latest edition.

For additional information on specific personal fall protection equipment, contact the manufacturer of the fall protection used in your workplace.

Click Here for download the selection guide.

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